The following is a transcription of the actual conversation of a beautiful four-year boy. He told his mother that she was his mother in his past life, and that they were back on earth to fulfill a prior contract that one of them did not complete in their past life.

Mother: Hmm?

Boy: What do you mean, you donít know?

Mother: You tell me, you tell me what you always tell me.

Boy: I picked you; I picked you.

Mother: Yeah. I picked me what?

Boy: ÖI picked you when I was with God; Mother: Yeah. Öand you were my mommy before. In my past life.

Mother: Yeah. So, why do we haveÖ why do we have to come back to this life again? Why do you think?

Boy: Because God wants us to know something. It is very importantÖ

Mother: Look at me.

Boy: Ö and if we donít know what to do our life again. (Repeats)

Mother: What else? Why do we have to do our life again? Because God said so?

Boy: Aha because we didnít know the thing that God wanted us to know.

Mother: How does he know that we donít know?

Boy: Because he knows everything we do and everything we donít do.

Mother: Yeah? How did you say that he knows? What happens?

Boy:  If you donít do what God wants you to know, then you just do your life again. You keep on doing it all over; your life all over and over and over until you get it right.

Mother: Oh! How did you say God know this? Wasnít God asking you something?

Boy: Aha, God was asking me something when I was praying. (END)